About us

The driving force behind R&T Consultancy is its rock-solid team. With Frans Visser, Paul Robrechts, Jan van Eck and Ton van Klei in the lead, we fall back on extensive expertise and years of experience within security.

In addition, they are surrounded by a fantastic team of some 35 consultants, each with one or more specific areas of competence within security.

Our great all-for-one-team is supported by two executive assistants. Thanks to them, the quality of service in HR, Marketing and Finance is guaranteed at a high level.

Frans Visser

Frans Visser

After his career within facility & security management at ING, Frans has been working as an independent consultant since 2008. In addition to his substantive expertise, Frans is valued by clients for his communication at all levels, objectivity and neutrality, and tenacity in delivering the message.

Creating a safe and secure organisation is one of the responsibilities of entrepreneurs and top management, while they prefer to focus on the further development of the primary business. We see that this development is leading to an increasing need for "worry-free" organisation of safety and security management. This is often expressed in terms of advice through to the implementation of more complex security projects.

The complexity of implementing and embedding security measures in the organisation is often underestimated; this is precisely where his strength lies.

Paul Robrechts

Paul was a national security officer for twenty years at three major companies. For 15 years he was Director Safety and Security: 10 years of Bacob and 5 years of Generale Bank-Fortis. From 2000 to 2005, he was Director Security, Safety and Health at De Post.

In 2007, together with Marc Thienpont, he founded the company Robrechts & Thienpont in Belgium. Paul strongly believes in a security policy based on a long-term vision linked to a clear action plan and quick wins. His pragmatic approach reinforces the result of this policy.

He perfectly understands the security needs of modern companies. As an electronics engineer and Master of Science in Security Engineering, he developed his security core competences: strategy development, risk management, change management, organisation and culture. Reorganisation of security departments is one of his core competences, which he developed from the start of his professional career. In all these functions he has gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which today gives an extra added value to our clients.

Paul Robrechts
Jan van Eck

Jan van Eck

After his architectural and design training and a career at the Police, Railway Police and Ministry of Social Affairs in various project and managerial positions, Jan developed himself as an independent safety & security consultant from 1990 onwards.

Jan has worked for over 30 years in an independent, expert and honest manner for clients of complex(er) profit and non-profit organisations, which always leads to added value in projects. This is achieved, among other things, by being able to think outside the box and having the courage to do so, but also by thinking along with the client where adjacent disciplines are concerned.

From policy up to and including implementation. By taking a step back from traditional thinking, Jan provides many clients and multidisciplinary projects with a more balanced integral safety and security at structurally lower costs.

Ton van Klei

Ton is a driven enthusiastic professional with broad experience in the security domain. After completing his electronics studies in 1989, he held several security-related positions. Especially on the delivery side in the fields of consultancy, sales, project-, service level- and product management Ton earned his spurs.

He has specializations in Access Control, IT and Security management and has a large network consisting of the key players of FM and (IT) Security organizations in the Netherlands.

He is used to functioning in complex and large organizations, especially in the financial sector, and has been closely involved in the design, implementation and operation of security systems at almost all major banks and insurers in the Netherlands. The mitigation of risks, integration with other IT systems and automation of security processes played a key role in this.

In his last position he was responsible for Nsecure's Sales organization for the Finance & Healthcare market segments where he realized his greatest successes together with his team through consultative selling.

Ton is praised by clients for his broad knowledge of the security domain, including the IT knowledge indispensable to assess security systems for suitability, implement and operate them.

Deirdre Kurvink

After graduating with a degree in International Communication & Media in Rotterdam and a minor in Safety, Security & Justice, Deirdre entered the security field. With a keen interest in themes such as privacy, information security & security management, she gained experience in the field of access control and cybersecurity in recent years. With a fresh, young outlook, she happily supports clients with security issues.