Our expertise


A new building or renovation of an existing site; new security systems must be installed. A functional schedule of requirements must be drawn up. The tendering process must be started, several disciplines such as ICT, Communication and HRM must be connected to the future situation.

Not to mention the actual implementation of the various security systems. Also new access passes that have to be provided with correct name and address details, the correct access authorisations and perhaps a photograph of the holder.

R&T consultancy has a team of experienced project managers who will be happy to relieve you of your worries if you are faced with this type of overall projects.

Our project managers will gladly assist you with:

  • Drafting of policy on desired security systems;
  • Drawing up specifications;
  • Supporting the implementation of the tender process;
  • Drawing up a plan of approach for the upcoming implementation;
  • Managing the actual implementation until the transfer to the management organisation.


"With project management taken out of your hands, you can continue to focus on the primary process".