Our expertise

Technical specifications

The process of acquiring & implementing security systems begins with the inventory of needs. Needs of various stakeholders of the client concerned.
The choices made are then translated by us into specifications or a programme of requirements. We can help to make the right choices and to harmonise them in the right way.


  • The specifications (or set of specifications) is the detailed description of the security systems to be delivered and implemented, including the applicable administrative, legal and technical provisions, materials and implementation conditions.
    The specifications contain a general section with the description, project data and provisions concerning the work of third parties. It then states which conditions and regulations apply, such as those relating to insurance, provisions relating to the settlement of changes and extra work or less work, provisions relating to drawings and calculations, and regulations relating to working conditions. Then the systems are described in parts: the materials to be applied with specifications.



  • The functional design brief of requirements is a less detailed description of the desired security systems. A functional design brief focuses much more on the output; what do the systems have to satisfy in order to realise the client's needs? Descriptions of the desired 'outcome', including expectations of the output of the required software links with other security/facility systems, are laid down in the specifications.