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Security & crisismanagement training

“Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them”
(Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel)

The above quotation touches on the core of crisis management. Crisis situations determine the survival and the (new) future of organisations. The way in which a crisis is managed says a lot about the quality of an organisation and its image.

Being prepared for unexpected events that threaten the survival of an organisation is essential for good business.

Crisis management is an integral part of your organisation's risk and business continuity management.

Understanding crisis management on a strategic level

The management of a crisis is a process that moves - in close connection - on a strategic, tactical and operational level. In the interest of your organisation, it is important that you keep control of the interests of your employees and your organisation. But then you must have thought about this well beforehand and have laid this down in plans. Together with the emergency services, you can then manage the crisis and minimise the damage.


The crisismanagement team

A crisis is always unexpected, stressful and a threat to your organisation. Decision-making moments during a crisis follow each other in quick succession and there is little time for extensive consultation. To manage a crisis, a powerful and well-trained crisis management team is necessary. And with proper preparation one is able to manage a crisis adequately.

A competence profile of the ideal crisis management team for your organisation can be drawn up and, based on this, customised training can be provided.