R&T consultancy is an independent consulting company, specialised in security in the broadest sense of the word. You have come to the right place for all your questions concerning security en safety and can count on 100% independent advice, This gives you the guarantee that the recommended solutions are fully tailored to your needs and have a measurable impact on your business processes.

R&T consultancy was founded with the mission of:

"Offering integrated and result-oriented security solutions in line with the client's corporate culture and strategy, so that independence, professionalism, partnership and creativity are central."

R&T consultancy belongs to the R&T Group, which also includes the companies Robrechts & Thienpont Belgium, SCOPE and Praetorian Engineering. Together, these companies have more than 55 years of experience in security consultancy, each with their own focus or specialisation:

Robrechts & Thienpont Belgium

As Belgium's leading authority in independent security advice, Robrechts & Thienpont offers strategic 360° solutions for critical environments with a global & integrated approach through design, proven methodologies, concepts, and functional-technical specifications. As part of the R&T Group, Robrechts & Thienpont is active across Europe.


As a pioneer, SCOPE is the independent security consultant that offers flexible operational support and develops the most pragmatic and cost-effective customised solution.

Praetorian Engineering

Praetorian Engineering is the partner for vital infrastructure in blast and fire mitigation. They calculate the impact of explosions on buildings and installations, both in the process industry and in the context of terrorist attacks. They formulate socially responsible recommendations at an academic level based on structural impact analysis, risk assessment and engineering design.