Our expertise

Policy, consultancy and project planning

R&T consultancy is your partner for safety & security advice on high risk environments. We provide completely independent advice of suppliers and/or security systems and match the appropriate and proportional security measures to the risk and threat assessment.

In addition, we conduct research into the regulations and guidelines you must comply with. Every organisation has a company-specific environment and culture; standard solutions often do not fit.

Whether it is a museum, a production company or a large government institution, R&T consultancy chooses the best solution for every organisation..

We provide assistance in drawing up your safety & security policy and help you to implement the approved policy. We gladly put our expertise & energy into the strategic and/or tactical security issues of your organisation.

Some of the elaborations can be drafting, writing or revising of:

  • Strategic/tactical security policy;
  • Techical specifications;
  • Procurement or tender specifications;
  • Access control policy and/or authorisation, detection and camera plans.